Meeting notes

We meet every Monday in Wooster from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. All are welcome. For directions or other questions email .The MINI RETREAT that was scheduled for Saturday, Sept 11th has been CANCELED. It will be rescheduled soon.Sangha notes for 9-6-2021: An excerpt from a dharma talk by Zen Master Sueng Sahn:     Long ago an eminent teacher said,Continue reading “Meeting notes”


Zen Society of Wooster

Come sit with us We are a group of friends who meet Monday evening for silent meditation. We practice in the Son tradition (Korean zen), sitting for two 25 minute sessions with walking meditation in between. Our teacher is Kwang Wol Son sa, Steve Berg, who received Son sa from Zen Master Dae Gak ofContinue reading “Zen Society of Wooster”

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